NineDice is a Eugene, Oregon based rock power trio playing mainly original music inspired by troubles in love, confusions of life, insanity and the comedy of the world. Influences of the band stem from blues, classic and 90's alternative rock, with sprinkles of funk and soul throughout.

The NineDice catalog consists of strong, catchy, and meaningful rhythm-centric songs with well placed noodling backed by a raw but calculated bass and beat.

The band is comprised of of three born and raised Eugenians. Tyler Nice is the principal songwriter and serves as the band's lead vocalist and guitarist. Tyler's guitar stylings seek to convey passion rather than envy. With strong, clear and energetic vocals, songs are meant to speak (and sing) for themselves. Robert Dennison supplies a solid and relentless back-beat with inspiration from perspiration. Josh Lambe sets the bassline, always creating a steady and melodic low frequency; playing just enough to complement the intricacies of every song.

NineDice is available for gigs of any size or location in both electric and acoustic settings.
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